Productivity tools for Windows

I like optimizing my productivity while working. Below is a list of my top productivity tools for Windows, with a short explanation.

Program Description
Autohotkey I haven’t come across a problem that could not have been automated with Autohotkey
Listary File searching and navigation made easy
tinySpell+ No more typo’s!
Evernote Store any information you don’t want to forget and quickly find again
Portable apps Never install and configure the same program again
Thunderbird The most powerful and versatile desktop email client I’ve come across, with lots of useful add-ons
Firefox Only rivaled by Google Chrome in speed and add-ons, but still my favorite
Roboform Never forget a website login again and important person information again. Synchronizes with windows desktop, smartphones and tablets.
Ditto Simple yet effective clipboard manager
Directory Opus Very comprehensive file manager, by far exceeding the possibilities of Total Commander, my previous favorite
Snagit  Create, edit and annotate snapshots
ABBY Screenshot Reader On the fly OCR
QTranslate Translate any (selected) text directly to your own language, or any other


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